City Of Cleveland Collective Bargaining Agreements

Apr 8, 2021 |

“They`re always a challenge because you know the quality of the work and you want to reward it, but you`re also a manager of municipal funds,” city manager Carl DeForest said of negotiating new contracts. Each agreement — with police patrols, firefighters, highway service personnel, parks and city hall staff — includes a pay increase of 2.75 percent in 2020 and 2.5 percent in 2021 and 2022. DeForest said the city`s two remaining pricing units are still in negotiations with the city. The Commission also passed legislation to change the wage gap for non-conventional full-time and part-time jobs. Chief Financial Officer Todd Fischer said the adjustments are the city`s first since 2018 and are retroactive to January 1, 2019. Fischer said the 2 percent increase at the top of each wage range, as well as a 4 percent reduction at the minimum end of the pay scale, broadens the wage scale as a whole and gives the city more flexibility in wage adjustments in situations like the covid-19 pandemic. The agreements also include longevity bonuses of $100 after 10 years of service and $200 at age 20, as well as professional bonuses for certain certifications. The agreements do not provide for an increase in health care for workers. BRUNSWICK, Ohio — After 10 months of negotiations, Brunswick City Council ratified three-year agreements with four of the city`s six rate units at a special meeting on Monday, August 17. “It`s taxpayers` money and we need to spend it appropriately. I understand that 2.75 per cent is not a significant increase, but we need to use taxpayers` money wisely,” he said. Notice to readers: If you buy something on one of our affiliate links, we can earn a commission.

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