Model Mediation Agreement

Apr 10, 2021 |

(a) The parties to this agreement agree that communications and documents shared in this mediation will not be disclosed to persons who do not participate in this mediation, unless: 7. If the Ombudsman finds that it is not feasible or appropriate to continue mediation, the mediator may terminate the process after informing the parties of his unilateral decision to do so. Below is a list of mediation rules established by other mediation organizations. Parties must respect (particularly when providing for CIC mediation in contractual documents) that they agree to suspend the statutory limitation period by signing the CIC mediation agreement. This suspension during mediation can last up to six months from the date the last party signed the mediation application until the end of the mediation. Each party undertakes to fully and honestly disclose all relevant information and writing requested by the Ombudsman, as well as all information requested by another party, when the Ombudsman finds that the disclosure is relevant to mediation interviews. In cases of family mediation, each party undertakes to disclose in full and precisely all income, assets and debts. Participants are jointly responsible for the ombudsman`s fees and expenses. Responsibility for intermediation and intermediation costs rests solely with participants in the article since the publication of this article in May, the CIC has published the first edition of its Model Mediation Agreement and Procedure. The CIC continues to pursue the following objectives: “to propose an innovative approach to the resolution of disputes at a lower cost, which has unique characteristics with respect to the people and procedures that strengthen the mediator and the parties.

The process is supported by the appointment of an approved mediator to the CIC Mediators Committee, the role of the mediator as guardian and guide of the mediation process, and a cap on placement costs. 7.2. The parties undertake not to disclose, quote, quote, paraphrase or otherwise call documents discovered, denounced or disclosed by any other person involved in mediation during mediation. This obligation does not apply if and to the extent that the contracting party had or could have disposed of this information independently of mediation. These documents, which are normally authorized in arbitration or judicial proceedings, are not rendered inadmissible because of their use in mediation. The documents covered in this article include the mediation agreement containing notes or minutes drawn up by the parties or by the Ombudsman in the context of mediation, the agreement covered in Article 10.1, to the extent that the parties have agreed, in accordance with Article 10.3, that it remain confidential, as well as other media such as tapes, videotapes , photos and digital files in any form. The parties and the Ombudsman agree that the fee for the mediator is per hour for the time spent with the parties and for the time required to study the documents, research questions, correspondence, telephone call, drafting of final projects and agreements, and do the things carefully necessary to facilitate the full agreement of the parties.

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