Binding Financial Agreement Certificate

Sep 12, 2021 |

As noted in our blog, Section 90G of the Family Law Act 1975 (“the Act”) provides that the agreement must, in order to be binding, do the following: The recent case of Purdey & Millington [2018] FCC 213 (February 7, 2018) underscores the importance of broad legal advice, independent of the other party. As is obvious in this case, a brief one-off meeting with a lawyer cannot be sufficient to meet the requirements of the law. (d) the Tribunal issues an order referred to in subsection (1B) stating that the agreement is binding on the parties to the agreement; and in the above cases, the court found that lawyers who practice overseas and do not have an Australian certificate of practice would not be able to provide the type of advice required by the Family Law Act. That`s because they don`t know australian laws…

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