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GrüßePratap N Ghate+919820582929By: sanjeev kumar via sap-log-mm []Sent: Monday 25 May 2009 11:57TB: GHATE PRATAPSubject: Re: RE:[sap-log-mm] How to do GR for delivery plans? [] Dear Pasumarthi, you need to create the plan line to make the GR for the delivery plan. Thank you and cordial greetings, Sanjeev Create the delivery plan first ME31, then publish the schedule via Tcode ME38, then MIGO Good reception against order, fix The delivery plan n° next window Put 10 and check and save. Dear Pasumarthi, you need to create the plan line to make the GR for the delivery plan. Thank you and cordial greetings, Sanjeev Open Order (PO) with ME23N (ME33L in case of delivery plan) and for the order history of an order. It is important to note that the following steps can only be performed for one line on a command at the same time. I used an example of a PO Framework, but the same can be used for the delivery plan. In order to improve performance, dataSource does not contain any information about delivery plans. This also applies to return items, service items and limit positions. I am facing a problem in establishing the GR for the schedule agreement.

If I am doing GR, he says that there are no elements, although the schedule agreement and the calendar items are maintained for that purpose. Some times, when there are a lot of lines and when we do GR for a line, all the lines will be automatically dissolved and will not be in stock or will not be displayed in the planning lines. I am in version 4.7. Keywords: See above. Classifications, delivery plan, receipt of goods, delivery plans, order, history, response return, history sets, cumulatively planned For a delivery plan, how is a GR made?? what are the key concepts that need to be practiced. You already have an active moderator notification for this content. for GR according to SA, you should first place the delivery and then mail the GR in VL31N. Hello Pl.go to MIGO Tcode. In the default tabs in the Set menu of control boxes All elements offer Step – 3: IR-L of GR Subtract and interpret the result If you have already made the layout, hold the lines in ME38 by selecting the different elements. In the Purchasing component in the SAP-R/3 system, you will find data on the movement of goods in the EKBE table (purchasing assets) and classification data in the EKET table (Delivery classifications). Dispatch quantity (provided by a vendor for a classification) Make sure it is in the value section of the sum of the value if its number changes it to sum.

Now in the first cell where you have “Fisc. Year Ref. Doc. Use the drop-down menu and the first “Select Multiple Items,” which allows you to select more than one option from the drop-down menu. Here you have to choose every year. In my example, there is only in 2017, so I just selected 2017. For the interpretation of the results, I take three GR # as an example. Document number used to move the movement of goods If you have an answer to this question, use the your answer form at the end of the page instead. . .

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