Singapore Tenancy Agreement Security Deposit

Oct 8, 2021 |

We left the appliance on October 14 and cleaned as much as possible, but we were surprised to know that he wanted us to pay for the “partially” washed out kitchen laminate (it`s a cheap leaf laminate) and Mart near the sink was sealed due to fundamental wear, as we have been using it for 6 years. We cook, and we wash the dishes every day, so this is especially expected with a porous material like PVC laminates, where mold is expected in time. Imagine that a person has signed a 1-year contract and due to unforeseen circumstances he has lost his job and has to leave the country, What would be the responsibility of the tenant if nothing is mentioned in the rental agreement? Hello, 3 of my friends and I signed a lease with an agent today because the owner is not in the country. We agreed that we would move on April 1st. .

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