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Oct 10, 2021 |

The following is a translation of the meaning of the English delivery agreement into Indonesian in the English-Indonesian dictionary In addition to the “delivery contract”, you can also look for an explanation of the following words: Delivery contract consists of 2 words, namely delivery and agreement… While in the object of some business collaboration can include things that are very broad and varied. In general: (i) there is a project financing structure (e.g. B: Build Operate & Transfer Agreement or an abbreviated bot agreement, or Build Operate &Own Agreement or an abbreviated Boo agreement; (ii) the process of transfer of certain technologies or knowledge (e.g. B technical assistance agreement); (iii) business development/network interests (e.g. B.: cooperation agreement; and (iv) research, development and engineering interests in a particular object; no income can be obtained, but the objective of the revenues from these activities is a priority (such as: Research, Development & Engineering Agreement); and (v) intellectual property rights interests (e.g. B license agreement). During relations with business partners, companies have the same interest in a project or object of commercial cooperation. In the case of a project, both parties will undertake: (i) a joint operation, such as. B: Joint Operation Agreement or Production Sharing Agreement, or (ii) equity participation (joint venture) through the creation of a joint venture (joint venture) whose agreement is called a joint venture agreement. Each article responds to Legal Clinic, which you can also see via Twitter @klinikhukum or Facebook Klinik Hukumonline. For examples of the above documents, you can contact the offices of the legal advisors whose addresses you can see in our directory section.

As a general rule, with regard to conditions outside the equity participation defined by the articles of association, such as.B. subordinated debt agreements or where there is an agreement between the old shareholders and the new ones, namely shareholder agreements. Relationship with the contractor is the relationship of the distribution of a project, can be to keep a factory building and or office, where the company becomes the owner (who provides the employment contract) and the contractor becomes the contractor (who gets the employment contract). . . .

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