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Feb 22, 2017 | | Sticky post

Bob & Lush – Dog Food which is 100% love and healthy goodness

And now with 50% off? Wow!

This is something I probably should not be telling you –

Just found on their site:

To claim this offer, just place your normal order at www.bobandlush.com and write “DIMAAUTOMATE” in the discount code field. Your 50% discount will automatically apply to all items in your cart. Minimum order is £19.00. Simple! (Please contact the lovely staff at the Bob and Lush if you are experiencing some difficulties along the way – they’ll sort it all out for you!)

Who can miss out on that one? I am certainly stocking up!

You will like this page on their website: http://www.bobandlush.com/our-trainers/ or http://youtu.be/F-u-kuY3zJk

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