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Doggie Boot Camp 2014 is upon us!

Jun 27, 2014 | | Say something

Dear All, As Doggy Boot Camp is something of interest to you, I thought we’d send you this as the trip is only about 4 weeks away, and you may wish to start planning for it. Please see below, ask for a booking form if you are interested in attending, be it for a day, … read more

Whatever your dog is to start with, it can become JUST RIGHT!

Jun 15, 2014 | | Say something
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Is your dog an Alpha,  Beta, Gamma, Early Warner, Tester, Diffuser, Body Slammer, Bully,  Dominant, Fearful, Territorial, Possessive,  Subordinate, “Stress pot”, Sexual Predator, Flirt, Protector, Guard, Chaser, Thief, Hunter, or just a common Idiot, perhaps, a “Nut-Case” like my recent rehomee? So which one is yours? Well, the bad news is that “A Zebra can’t change its stripes”…  Neither you nor your dog will ever change … read more