Dog Walking and Dog Minding in London

Please see how we can help with your busy schedule and take care of your precious hounds.

We all need to get going to remain saint, and to keep fit, both physically and mentally. So do
our dogs too! We also believe in professional help with behavioural issues, huge part of which
could be reinforced during our daily exercise in busy social and regularly changing environment.
So whatever the reason for your enquiry, give it a try, and I am confident that you will like our
skills, professionalism, reliability and the results. We are also proud to be the only registered,
approved, Kennel Club listed and insured walking round and training School around – and even
with all this in mind I am sure you will not find a cheaper help elsewhere.

We invite all our customers to come for a pre-booking visit to help you with that important decision, after all, your dog is a family for you, and we want to assure you that the same goes here.

Prices for these services are listed below, but please do not hesitate to ask us for a breakdown
may you need it:

Dog Walking London

Walks are held in some gorgeous spots of London, parks, ope spaces and private land and are 90 minutes long. Together with drive there and back your dog is ought to be tired and
stimulated, so why not give us a try if you’ve never been on our walk yourself – we always have
a few friends joining us on these walks, and seeing so many well-behaved dogs walking and
playing together is something you will proudly talk about for months to come! And don’t forget
the camera – you have not seen anything like this! After all, we are in the Guinness Book of
Records for a reason:

and here:

Since the latest restructuring we only have 1 van on the road but are doing our ultimate best to make sure you are covered all year round, Monday to Friday with no exceptions, and we do work on all public and bank holidays.

At the moment we have a few vacancies on our Dog Walking Round.

Single dog
One-off walk – £20 flat fee, incl.
collection and delivery
(offer on week’s booking – £85)

Two dogs (same household)
Walk – £15 for each dog
(offer on week’s booking – £130)
Also, speak to us if your dogs are smaller and well behaved.

We work on a weekly payment basis. So please arrange a payment by cash, BACs or standing order.

Re-invoicing fee is £25 plus interest on money owed. Please pay your bill on time!

Dog Creche
You might have a long schedule at work, or just want to go out for a day. Don’t leave your pet
sitting there looking at a clock for hours – I am sure he/she’d rather go out too and spend time
with friends.

Day’s fee – £25 (£35 for 2 dogs)

Overnight stay
Lives at times take over, and I know myself how important it is to relax and not worry about
your loved ones. Well, you can not drop your husband here I am afraid, but we can certainly help
you with your pooch.

Sleepover (overnight’s charge) – £35 on short stays (£50 for 2 dogs)
(offer on week’s stay – £200 for one dog or ₤270 for 2 dogs)

We collect and deliver dogs not only for our daily walks, but also for their boarding and
day’s care. Please check with us whether your collections will be free (within areas of all NW
postcodes, N2, N3, N6, and some other) but you are welcome to deliver your dog to us
yourself. Please note that since the new ULEZ expansion in 2021 we seized all operation inside the A406 / North Circular Road.

All ages, all breeds and types even difficult dogs can be accommodated. (We may advise you
on a one-to-one walks if your dog requires a bit of help socialising to start with, but one of our
experienced handlers will be able to speed things up so your dog will be able to join the group in
no time!)

Basic and on-going training will be provided to all dogs involved free of charge – after all, there’s
a reason we are this popular – our extremely well-behaved pack is our pride and joy!

We are a very easy-going and non-regimental group, but please be understanding, and when we
turn up to collect your dog booked in to walk or stay with us, you will be charged for the service even if you forget to cancel it for some reason and your dog is not there or you are out. Usually we do not require long notices, so just keep in touch; we will also be pleased to tell you about your dog’s progress and forward the photographs of our activities to you.

Proof of vaccinations including kennel cough is not required as you might choose not to have
one, but we want to make you aware that it is up to you to make sure you keep these and other medical issues under control. Please make sure your dog has regular flea and worming treatments so they won’t pass anything on to other dogs.  We will be requiring you to fill in an enrolment form that puts us in charge and therefore responsible for your dog, and will be asked to provide us with some details, including your vet’s and insurance, to help us deal with emergencies may such arise. Please note that we do not request that your pet has a health insurance as a compulsory element, but you might choose to purchase the policy as most of the fees arising as a result of medical treatment are extremely high and you will end up with the bill to settle yourself as a result.

Please ensure your dog has a safe, soft and secure collar with an up-to-date and legal name tag
(we’ll be issuing you with a “Good Boys Dog School” one free of charge).

If it ever becomes necessary, your animal will be taken to a veterinary surgeon. However careful,
even the slowest of hounds treads on a piece of glass every now and then. You are responsible
for any fees that are reasonably incurred. But we obviously take best care possible for anything
to do with safety and wellbeing of your dog, so do not worry too much and trust us with our
expertise and experience.

Please be aware that in case of an emergency we will contact you first. If we can’t reach you,
make sure you provide us with an alternative number we can dial to sort the matters out. And
relax – we underwrite ourselves for many things that are not  covered even with our insurance (lost
keys cost etc)

 Some of our students spend up to half of their lives with us, and any signs of illness may become evident when your dog is in our care just as much as when they are with you. So please be sure that when you sign up with us you consider and accept the position that you have trusted us to care for your dog on your behalf and are not going to be pursuing us in any way for the facts of life, state of health or behaviour of your pet in case such change occurs.

And the “dirty” part now:

We are not the “pavement-walking” or “I don’t do rain”-group – we all go cross-country, mud-
sliding, speed-of-light running and dog-paddling on our various walks and swims in and around
North and North-West London in any weather. So if you are waiting for your pet to arrive from the walk dry and clean, make sure you have a towel waiting for him/her at home.  Or we would be happy to make arrangements to have your dog washed by a professional at the end of the run if you authorise us to do so.

 And come and meet the Team! See you there!

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