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As always, this is us, please have a good look here before making any enquiry! or

Want to see more of us without leaving your desk? Wonder where you’d seen us – most dogs on your TV are ours in reality, most of these TV programmes are from just the last year:

Motivational Bob and Lush video:

Britain’s Got Talent’s ITV That Dog Can Dance:

Join us here if you want to keep up with us:

Facebook (live news from us and colleagues non-stop):


Dima’s regular column on various aspects of Dog Training in Horsemanship Magazine:

BBC, Let’s Dance, Comic Relief:

Sky, Crissy B show:

The Leader of the Pack” with Dima Yeremenko”
In case any of you, guys, have missed the repeat of this documentary earlier this year, here it is on YouTube for you to catch up:
followed by
(couldn’t put them together due to the large size…)

Sky, The Leader of the Pack:

Sky, A Different Breed:

Interview on Dog Coach Videos:

with a nice series of videos with a 3 months old Lab crossbreed Bettie:

Dima’s method in brief on Dog Coach Videos:—hand-feeding-little-bettie

Our Handfeeding Bible, Dima’s Dog School: or

“Some Days You’re the Dog… Some Days – the Hydrant!” – it is our cute compilation of Canine Humour on many different subjects of Dogs’ life – you can order your copy from us for just £6.50 or get it on Amazon and most descent book selling sites:

Another Wow, we are over the half-a million views mark here! Just Wow!

Please see our YouTube channel and Website for more such videos to help you with your homework fun-training various breeds of dogs:

MAy you wish to contact us, here it is:

Dima Yeremenko, 020 8931 8207 / 0795 722 8269, Email:

Website: /

Please note that Handfeeding principle does not mean that you bring your dog to training classes hungry. We are talking about the philosophy; principle and habit that you want to develop in your dog, not a magic cure.

Self-help video guide for pro-active owners:

Bettie the star of our homemade videos helping you to learn all a pup should know (and she’s 3 months old here!):

Video 1: Bettie is learning the ropes:…

Video 2: So, what would the day 2 bring? Little Bettie learning new skills.

Video 3: Bettie’s 7th day of Handfeeding – skills of a 3 month old pup are amazing to my opinion – now she’s becoming reliable, well focused and predictably keen to follow instructions and want to learn more!

Video 4, Handfeeding, Day 8. Social aspect of dog training plus lots more:

Video 5, Being surrounded by other dogs Little Bettie is showing off her skills of resisting Temptations:

Video 6 – Crate training for little Bettie – Handfeeding way to teach your dog to love their crate and everything about it.

Video 7 – teaching a dog to “freeze” on cue to avoid any future problems with close contact and handling.

Video 8 – is our final homemade clip of 3 weeks Bettie spent with us learning to live “Handfeeding” way.

Not many trainers use the lead only as a safety tool by maintaining it loose at all times. Bettie’s not pulled on the leash once in 3 weeks here and not had the leash used for any other form of training!

This time we are covering a bit of street walking, stopping, emergency stops and dealing with obstacles and distractions.

Lesson 9 – Distance proofing, Ted the Schnauzer, is demonstrating the vital part of dog training – removing the handler / dog = building up the distance between the two. What can your dog do from a step or two away? What about the other end of the room / field?…

All puppy owners have to know this:

Bite Habitation:…/ian-dunbar-on-bite-inhibi…/ and see the link in the beginning of the article too

This little puppy Ringo has completed his 4 weeks Handfeeding course a couple of weeks ago and is going back to his owners today. He’s 5 months old now! See how dependent on food and commands he’s become, his attitude towards instructions and obedience and willingness to work and to please. Great puppy, and is set for life now!

Important: Dog Training is a magical experience, but it takes time (and, most importantly, patience, skills and devotion) so please do not expect an instant fix! We will not use any strong aversive stimuli at the classes, and will ask you to remove and never use anywhere around us any chock-chains, pinch-collars or e-devices if you are using one. Please expect to make some progress, but do listen to what is being told at the class. Taking it slowly and at your level is highly advisable, take a note of the homework exercises and break the session down into bite-size fragments to suit you and your pet. Do explore the “Gradual Exposure Therapy” principles before making a decision to join in if your dog is of a nervous disposition.

Before anything – focus on emotional state of your dog and their attitude. This is what we are heading for:

Come prepared – we are a Handfeeding School, and most reward-based methods would go a long way with us, but if your ideas on dog training are about dominating your dog, forcing them to work and just punishing bad behaviours – I am afraid we are not the school for you!

3 weeks of training: Handfeeding outside with other dogs present – new foster dog Rose is still looking for her forever home:

Handfeeding homework – 4 weeks of training with formerly aggressive Lab crossbreed Rosie:

Please note that No Choke (Check) Chains, Pinch (Spike) Collars or Electric Shockers are permitted in any of our classes!

Feel free to come and observe – we never charge anyone spectating, as long as they do not bring dogs as spreading the word and educating the public is our prime target!

And make sure you read this before coming to a class, and make it your guiding principle for all your doggy outings:

Thinking of bringing your dog to one of our group training / advice sessions? Please consider booking an individual class (yes, we also offer those!) as trying to “socialise” your dog by making that leap from no dogs to loads of dogs is not always the best option:

My routine situation – a client with an aggressive and anti-social dog phoning up asking about group classes… When I suggest that they’d better take it easy, and start with a bit of controlled exposure, systematic desensitization and training some control exercises and Impulse handling skills, the answer is the same in 99% of cases: “We just want to introduce him to as many dog as possible / socialise him etc, as he’s very good on his own…”

Well, I thought it was just me then…

Graduated Exposure Therapy is the answer, not routine group classes:
But of course you are welcome if you decide that group class is THE class for you!

And something recently published:

Weimaraner Cooper demonstrating the actual reasons to Handfeed a dog:

Fast and furious – this is why we train our dogs this way. It’s about motivation and letting us make most of the decisions when out and about. And he does it in style! Watch his repertoire of Handfed exercises and their practical application in the outside world.

And the biggest surprise at this demo is a smallest pup I have ever performed with!

If this little man can do it, YOU ALL can surely do it too!

Little Ringo the Lab performs his Handfeeding skills at the All About Dogs show in Chelmsford in front of an audience with no mistakes at all! Amazing focus and huge variety of skills for the pup who’s not even 4 months old!

After two whole weeks of Handfeeding, 3 meals per day, about 350 kibble in each (do your math!), this young Labrador pup stuns the audience with his attitude, reliability and vocabulary. And you will know why – in his two weeks of Handfeeding this pup has done more training than most dogs in their lifetime!

This is what the whole Handfeeding is about – focus, determination, compliance – the works. Well done, Ringo!

Puppy Baloo learning to choose the handler over many of her friends.
A full week of Handfeeding for this lively and lovely Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) 7 months old pup resulted in focused, motivated and attentive dog volunteering to perform various commands including recall and release. And looks just like a Walk in the Park!

Dog Walking

We can also help with your busy schedule and take care of exercising your precious hounds on daily basis.

We all need to get going in order to remain sane, and to keep fit, both physically and mentally. So do our dogs too! We also believe in professional help with behavioural issues, huge part of which could be reinforced during our daily exercise in busy social and regularly changing environment.

So whatever the reason for your enquiry, give it a try, and I am confident that you will like all the benefits: our skills, professionalism, reliability and the results. We are also proud to be the only registered, approved, Kennel Club listed and insured walking round and training School around – and even with all this in mind I am sure you will not find a cheaper help elsewhere.

We invite all our customers to come for a pre-booking visit to help you with that important decision, after all, your dog is a family for you, and we want to assure you that the same goes here.

Prices for these services are listed below, but please do not hesitate to ask us for a breakdown may you need it:

Walks are held in some gorgeous spots of Hampstead, Hendon, Golders Green or Welsh Harp and neighbouring areas, and are 90 minutes long. Together with drive there and back your dog is prone to be tired and
stimulated, so why not give us a try if you’ve never been on our walk yourself – we always have a few friends joining us on these walks, and seeing so many well-behaved dogs walking and playing together is something you will proudly talk about for months to come! And don’t forget the camera – you have not seen anything like this! We currently have 3 equipped and ventilated vans on the road at all times meaning that you are covered all year round,
Monday to Friday with no exceptions, and we do work on all public and bank holidays.

At the moment we have a few vacancies on our Dog Walking Round.

Single dog
One-off walk – £20 flat fee, incl. collection and delivery (offer on week’s booking – £85)

Two dogs (same household) Salk – £15 for each dog (offer on regular week’s booking – £130 for two dogs)
Also, speak to us if your dogs are smaller and well behaved

And the “dirty” part now:

We are not the “pavement-walking” or “I don’t do rain”-group – we all go cross-country, mud-sliding, speed-of-light running and dog-paddling on our various walks and swims in and around North and North-West London in any weather. So if you are waiting for your pet to arrive from the walk dry and clean, make sure you have a towel waiting for him/her at home.  Or we would be happy to make arrangements to have your dog washed by a professional at the end of the run if you authorise us to do so.

And come and meet the Team! See you there!

Dog Crèche
You might have a long schedule at work, or just want to go out for a day. Don’t leave your pet sitting there looking at a clock for hours – I am sure he/she’d rather go out too and spend time with friends.

Day’s fee – £25 (£35 for 2 dogs) Late stays at no extra pay.

Overnight stay
Lives at times take over, and I know myself how important it is to relax and not worry about your loved ones. Well, you cannot drop your husband here I am afraid, but we can certainly help you with your pooch. Please enquire about our prices and arrangements and please visit the website for more information on it all!

All ages, all breeds and types even difficult dogs can be accommodated. (We may advise you on a one-to-one walks if your dog requires a bit of help socialising to start with, but one of our experienced handlers will be able to speed things up so your dog will be able to join the group in no time!)

Basic and on-going training will be provided to all dogs involved free of charge – after all, there’s a reason we are this popular – our pack is our pride and joy!

Please see our website for more on it.


Step-by-step Handfeeding practice for any of you guys who want to “DIY” it:

Try to follow Izzy making it into the good dog (well, that’s the idea!) series. Please compare her videos no.2 and 3 with no 10 and 11:

Video 1: Izzy, we have a Problem!

Many of us have been in such situation with our dogs, rescues or not.

This is Izzy, my new foster project. After being a bit of a horror to the foster family (loved them but not hesitated to guard, frighten and bite) and the older dog who just does not deserves it.

This is what we start with. My new foster project, Izzy, just arrived and is not willing to share anything she can grab anywhere around her. And she’s bitten people and dogs. So are there bad dogs? Let’s just wait and see – the series of videos will be published here over the next few weeks.

So fancy watching this dog working on becoming a safe- to-live-with pet – then watch this space!

Video 2: Izzy, the transfer.

Here we go – from today Izzy is officially my foster dog and is embarking on a few weeks’ long journey learning to bond, trust, depend, anticipate and love her commands, build a rapport and generally learn how to be happy. Seems like a long way to go?

Video 3: Izzy: First feed outside. Not going well at all! Good!

And in order to make this girl relax and feel better when out of the house and enable her to enjoy her Walkies we have to teach her to accept numerous rewards when out. This is how it started.

So far – went for one of my staff, and had two incidents with me. Nobody injured, so let’s call it “work in progress”.

Video 4: “Follow me, Izzy!”

Taking a logical step back and starting to feed from the start – baby steps and easier environment. Success there. So now attempting to get it outside so positive associations can follow this dog on her walk…

Video 5: Izzy’s first full meal: “When Handfeeding begins to work!”

Izzy, the Collie is making her first steps in rehabilitation from guarding and aggressive behaviour towards people around her and dogs. She’s opening up nicely and is showing nice willingness to work and learn.

Video 6: Izzy is becoming “a Foodie” even outside!

And, guess what: Izzy is feeding outside almost well enough! DO compare it with the video filmed just 6 days ago!

Dogs change, as long as you open up and learn how to do it. And stop thinking that your dog “Is not into food” or “Scared” of something – just do the job! Conditioning and Counterconditioning works!

Video 7: “Socialising the pants off Izzy”

Socialising dogs is not about just getting them used to something. It’s teaching them to enjoy that something – being around other dogs should be fun for all the parties involved!

We also cover quite a lot of skills when spending time with other dogs so it’s not all about running and playing, but interacting with handlers as well!

Video 9: Izzy the BC being handled and working around temptations (impulse control games).

The ultimate goal of any training – putting all the bits together and finding out whether it works (of course it would!). Izzy the BC is a true star these days! Dealing with previously problematic situations in style!

Video 10: Izzy going through her repertoire with our Work Experience student, Julie Vielex.

This is a regular work-out video with Izzy the fostered BC going through her bits varying levels of difficulty and being cued up by verbal commands. Consistency, attention and attitude is the rule of this game. Handled by Julie Vielex.

Video 11: Izzy the Border Collie is putting it all together at a dog show

Izzy’s last session – big dog event, and see how she’s behaving now! And it’s only been 5 weeks…

You will see her composure, confidence, attention, willingness to please and follow instructions, fairly large vocabulary and reliable skills… This girl has earned her ticket!

Video 12: Izzy the Collie is meeting her new family and is not a rescue dog anymore!

Rehabilitation is over – Izzy is free to go to her new home and this family have been vetted by PPBC, Preloved Border Collies, and scored quite high on my scale too!

So with a right commitment, love and patience on their side she’s set for life – our job here is done!

Young Spaniel Juno Handfeeding comparing with a dog who doesn’t care for food.

Cracking little Spaniel (English Cocker) Juno after a week of Handfeeding demonstrating variety of skills set around willingness to work, to please, to follow instructions, to stay near and be a Good Girl comparing to a dog who can not care less about food.

See if you can achieve this many skills in a space of a few weeks (Juno took 8 days to do this).

And don’t forget to enjoy it!

Border Terrier Archie – Handfeeding, homework workout with animals as distractions present.

Use this video as your homework workout, or pre-school warm-up, skills build-up or command control practice – this is a big Win-Win process, you will wonder why you haven’t done it long ago!

One of the new recruits, Archie the Border Terrier, around 7-8 months of age, is demonstrating how the “Fine Tuning” using the Handfeeding method, brings dogs closer to us, educates them and arms them with the knowledge to survive the day-to-day tasks in the outside (and indoors) world. Well done, Archie!

Harley – Learning Alternative Behaviours or Teaching Incompatibles.

This type of dealing with reactive dogs is a lovely  alternative to correctional or avoidance way of handling the problem. The crossbreed (I guess GSD x Malinois – Belgian Shepherd) is demonstrating his Handfed attitude towards choosing to Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Come, Leave it, Weaves between legs, Paw, Around or even Crawl instead of lunging or pouncing on other dogs or people working as distractions in this session.

And this one was recorded quite recently. What do you think?
Handfeeding work-out by Phoenix the Irish Setter. Happy dog – happy handling!
This video is a fine performance by an entire (un-castrated) ex-rescue Irish Setter Phoenix going through his paces – use it in your dog training work-out and see what dog your pooch will turn into in just a matter of days. How lovely to see a dog being so happy and excited to work with you! Training becomes a team work and NOT a competition of who is the Top Dog!

Naturally Happy Dogs feature us demonstrating how to get two (or more) dogs into an obedience or HTM routine.
Fun and visual tricks with two of my little dogs – Ted and Heston.…/trick-training-with-two-dogs
Dima Yeremenko is a dog trainer from Good Boy Dog School. He often goes to events, festivals, schools etc. talking about responsible dog ownership and frequently giving demonstrations with groups of dogs to show what they can do.

In this video he tells us how to go about the training that will result in these fun team displays.


Bob & Lush – Dog Food which is 100% love and healthy goodness

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To claim this offer, just place your normal order at and write “DIMAAUTOMATE” in the discount code field. Your 50% discount will automatically apply to all items in your cart. Minimum order is £19.00. Simple! (Please contact the lovely staff at the Bob and Lush if you are experiencing some difficulties along the way – they’ll sort it all out for you!)

Who can miss out on that one? I am certainly stocking up!

You will like this page on their website:

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