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What is “Dima’s Dog School” book about?

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  • “Dima’s Dog School”, a dog training book, is a practical guide for all dog owners based on Dima Yeremenko’s unique method of hand-feeding and reward. The book is full of dog training tips. Designed to overcome most dogs’ training and behavioural problems, it teaches dog owners that the answer is kindness and proper communication with their dog – whether they be rescue, mongrel, pedigree, puppy or mature. “Problems cannot be treated as isolated issues as is commonly believed,” says Dima, “Training problems are a symptom of owners not being able to communicate effectively with their dogs. Fix this and any training problem can be overcome.”
  • The book explains all the basic tools dog owners need to become good dog handlers making their dog want to learn.
  • Dima’s Dog School’s ten training sessions guide dog owners through all they need to learn to properly instruct their dogs with success. They will establish the essential foundations that can take them to any level of dog training, from general obedience to working in the show ring.
  • The book overs all the most common training and behavioural problems, offering both solutions and practical management methods for dog owners. It also includes case histories and shows what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.

OUR DOGS review

We are thrilled to have the backing of Our Dogs magazine – the biggest professional dog edition in the world.

“Dima’s Dog School” review in Our Dogs:
Author – Dima Yeremenko – Publisher – Blue Dot
This great book has been out of print for a while and during that time copies were selling at astronomic prices – an indication of just how good it is!! Subtitled “The Foolproof Way to Train Your Dog”, this 237 page best seller has now been re-issued in paperback. The following reader’s review says it all!!
“This is a charming book filled with wonderful dog stories and training advice. It reads wonderfully – very fast – and all dog lovers, whether their dog needs training or not, will enjoy it thoroughly. It has many funny bits that me laugh out loud.
Dima Yeremenko’s Hand Feeding technique is really helpful. Already in just a few days, my dog is beginning to look to me for guidance whereas before she ignored me! I have been to lots of trainers with little success. Dima’s advice is spot on and very practical. At last, a trainer who can help us all to turn our dogs into star pupils – no matter how young, old or badly behaved.
I am delighted to recommend this book. 5-stars! ”
No need to say more – Dima’s way works!!

Dima’s Dog School on Amazon: http://amzn.to/dimasbook


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