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Some polemics on physical & mental dexterity

Feb 28, 2017 |

The biggest issue when it comes to bringing up young dogs is finding the perfect balance between their emotional needs and physical abilities. Most owners fall victim to the mistaken belief that most dogs need hours and hours of strenuous exercise, be it chasing a tennis ball, being dragged around the block on the lead, … read more

Aggression – a big WHY?

Feb 28, 2017 |

“Help, I can’t figure out what makes my dog so aggressive…” – questions of this type I get asked a lot, even though it is not really a problem that the potential students are having. So why does that dog, or this dog, your own lap-loving, couch-adoring cuddly pooch demonstrated the signs of the aggression, … read more

Importance of good reaction to positive reinforces / food specifically

Feb 27, 2017 |

When teaching a dog to start acting in a more positive way, it is very important that rewards and incentives of all sorts are used. I am particularly keen on using food in training for its ease, availability and convenience. For instance when approaching another dog / human one should consider rewarding the dog with … read more

Operant Conditioning Explained

Feb 26, 2017 |

Since dog trainers and behaviourists will attempt to explain the correctness of their training methods by using the terms “operant conditioning,” especially when they oppose the methods used by others, I have included this information. Operant conditioning is rooted in human psychology and was named by psychologist B.F. Skinner. Operant conditioning is the modification of … read more

Don’t Train your Dog… Just do not bother!

Feb 25, 2017 |

Dog training, or, in literal terms, Behaviour Modification, has been designed to turn any given behaviour A into behaviour B. Presumably, you do it in a way that turns badly behaved pooch into a better behaved, obedient and well mannered one. But what can we say about a dog who has not misbehaved in, lets … read more

Leash as Communication Tool

Feb 24, 2017 |

“The best way to stop husky pulling is to let it off the lead” Dog Collar and dog lead connect us with our charges physically but does not create the necessary emotional link, communication tool. But it can and it should. It can spoil any communication channels existing, but may enhance the union by providing … read more

Training vs. Socialisation

Feb 23, 2017 |

  Socialising your pup is the most common reason that brings people to training classes. Everyone wants a dog that can happily walk past and around other dogs, be friendly and safe in various environments and is a pleasure to take out. But there’s something that does not let it happen for some dogs, and … read more

Whatever your dog is to start with, it can become JUST RIGHT!

Feb 22, 2017 |

Is your dog an Alpha,  Beta, Gamma, Early Warner, Tester, Diffuser, Body Slammer, Bully,  Dominant, Fearful, Territorial, Possessive,  Subordinate, “Stress pot”, Sexual Predator, Flirt, Protector, Guard, Chaser, Thief, Hunter, or just a common Idiot, perhaps, a “Nut-Case” like my recent rehomee? So which one is yours? Well, the bad news is that “A Zebra can’t change its stripes”…  Neither you nor … read more

Don’t train behaviour but work on the emotion behind it instead!

Feb 21, 2017 |

“What do you teach dogs in your classes?” – a question I get asked rather a lot. Usually, the intro talk into what one should work on with a new pup takes me about an hour and a half with the new clients during our 1-2-1 session. And it is only an intro on what … read more

What DOGS want?

Feb 20, 2017 |

So, OK, your dog bites, or tries to… It’s bad. Or does it pull on the lead? Tries to run away? Barks incessantly? Does not like … the list goes on. This is my working week answering the phone. – What can I do for you? – “I have this dog / s and the … read more